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Change is in the Air

We believe in a sustainable future in which your comfort is not dependent on air conditioning, rather on naturally cool air circulated by meticulously designed fans. Our passion for design and technology places us at the forefront of sustainable airflow. A proudly Australian owned and operated company, we have built our reputation on designing, manufacturing, and installing large scale air movement products for homeowners and businesses wanting to shift toward sustainable cooling.

Our expert airflow consultants are trained to assess the airflow in a space, designing a customised solution to maximise airflow, lower temperature, improve ventilation and reduce the effects of humidity. We have teamed up with industry leading brands like MacroAir™, EBM Papst, and Airius to build upon our range of cooling products to guarantee the healthiest, safest and most energy efficient airflow solution for any residential, commercial or industrial space.

Whether you want to cool your home, office, business or industrial shed, we’ll perform a Free Airflow Consultation to assess your space and determine how much cooler and more energy efficient you could be.

Benefits of Natural Air Solutions

Healthy & Safe

A Natural Cool Air fan keeps you healthy and safe as it extracts the air and any nasties in it, and infuses your space with clean air from outside, freshening the air and cooling your space.

Super Efficient

We guarantee maximum airflow in any space. Our range of fans will move more air with less power, creating optimal airflow and cooling your space. Run on reverse to conserve warm air and redistribute heat in cooler months.

Environmentally Friendly

Being cool never felt so good. Natural Cool Air believes in sustainable airflow solutions and our products are intentionally designed to help you stay cool and reduce your carbon footprint.


Save money on your energy bill with Natural Cool Air. Our fans will cool your space for a fraction of the cost of air-conditioning. Plus, comfortable employees are more productive; positively impacting your bottom line.

Cool Client Case Studies

Cool Customers

  • “From my perspective NCA’s service is first class and I will gladly recommend their business to others.”

    Adrian Scholtes
    Positive Existence Personal Training
  • These heavy duty roof extractors easily whisk away the hot stagnant and stale air and have noticeably cooled our large common area atrium space by five degrees Celsius! The heat build-up in our building in the middle of our steaming Brisbane summers is unbearable and Natural Cool Air have provided a more than adequate solution…and have noticeably colled our large common area atrium space by dive degrees! Natural Cool Air are cooperative and professional as they stand behind their product and service, providing a down to earth approach guaranteed to provide an excellent result.”

    Teneriffe Woolstore Apartments
  • “Thanks for your great service! At Brisbane Grammar Rowing, we really appreciate your Industrial Mobile Fans and your after sales service. We use the fans at the rowing shed and we take them with us to camps and regattas to keep the rowers cool in the heat of the Queensland summer. Before we had the fans, we found that there were times when it was just too hot to use our upstairs training room at the shed. Now, with the fans in place, the temperature is manageable and our training is more effective. The fans are so handy as they are light and on wheels so we have been able to take them with us to camps and regattas. They are just perfect to keep the rowers cool under the tent in between races. They are also large enough to push a significant volume of air. We also really appreciate the service support we receive from Natural Cool Air as our fans were picked up for service and returned back to the shed in tip top condition.”

    Brisbane Grammar

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