The future is in our hands

Natural Cool Air believes in a sustainable future. We imagine a future powered by renewable energy sources. We work towards a future that embraces innovative design and technology to solve the most pressing issues facing our planet. We strive for a future with clean oceans, fresh air and thriving animal and plant life. We demand a future where our lifestyle is both comfortable and environmentally conscious.

But we have to start where we are

It’s no secret that the planet is warming up due to an excess of carbon in our atmosphere. There is great public debate about what governments, enterprise and consumers should and shouldn’t be doing in the face of climate change.

So, here’s how we see it. There’s no magic button that is going to fix things overnight-but that’s no reason to do nothing!While we’d love to see a transition to renewable energy sources, the production of renewables cannot support the incredibly high level of energy currently being consumed.So,we thought, hey, why not try to reduce consumption and give the production of renewables a chance to catch up?

With 40% of Australia’s energy is used on heating and cooling, we estimate that by simply moving away from air conditioning we can significantly reduce our energy consumption and provide the opportunity for Australia to embrace renewable energy sources. Easy right?


Australia is pretty hot

Like really hot! And there’s this thing called the urban heat crisis. Basically, the planet is heating up,so we install more air-conditioning which is emitting more carbon and, you guessed it, heating the planet even more.

We’re realists. We know we can’t eliminate air conditioning completely. And we are human! We share your aversion to being uncomfortable. We certainly don’t want to sweat our butts off going about our daily lives. But we do want to reduce the over-reliance upon air conditioning that is holding us back from achieving a more sustainable future

So we make fans!

Well, we do, but there’s a bit more to it than that. We design, manufacture and install custom climate positive cooling systems that help businesses, architects and urban planners to create thermal comfort in their spaces in the most energy efficient way possible.

Every fan has a positive impact

Operating fans uses approximately one tenth of the energy that would be consumed by air conditioning. So, by simply choosing fans over air conditioning our clients are already having a positive impact. But we thought we could do better…

So, for every fan we install, we plant enough trees to absorb the carbon emitted in operating the fan, making it carbon neutral. But we thought we could do even better…

Which is why we double the number of trees we plant, so that every time one of our fans is turned on, we are absorbing twice as much carbon than we are creating. We call this, climate positive cooling!

By 2025 our goal is to


Remove 1 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere


Plant 50,000 trees


Save 1 million kilowatt hours


Global Goals