HeatFit is a heat stress management program designed to help safety managers build climate resilient teams, so they can remain healthy, focused, and productive in harsh climate conditions. Starting off with a Heat Stress Analysis (HSA) of your building, the HeatFit Program is a data driven way to guide clients to make better decisions around managing thermal performance, and gain control over the personal and environmental impacts of heat stress.

HeatFit Methodology

After working with hundreds of factories and warehouses over the last 5 years and learning about how each of them are currently dealing with the heat, we have found that if they implemented these 3 key principles from our HeatFit methodology they had a healthier, more focussed, and more productive team.


Design, integrate and report  the right policies, plans and procedures to better track your teams progress.



Educate your people on how to Prepare, Perform and Recover from their shift.


Forecast, Measure and Respond to High Risk Weather Conditions and knowing when to implement controls.


An extensive climate, building and team performance diagnostic report

The biggest problem we see with safety managers that are trying to cool down their workers is that they rely heavily on the opinions of sales people to achieve their desired cooling result. Focusing on airflow or hydration as individual problems instead of looking at the problem as a whole.

HSA report

Managing heat stress is not always simple, however by having the right data points to help guide you through the process takes the guesswork out of it.

We developed our Heat Stress Analysis as more than just a “look under the hood”. It’s an extensive climate, building, and team performance diagnostic report designed to clearly identify the main heat related pain points in your building. Across 6 sessions, over 3 consecutive days, we test and measure your active systems, culture, and environment to determine your Heat Stress Score. We compile the data into an easy to read report that clearly outlines the major heat related issues you’re currently dealing with – a vital step to accurately determine what the problems are and how to solve them.


  • 1 – 5 Years of Local climate data

  • 6 sessions of accurate Heat Stress Index and Thermal Work Limit readings to establish your environment average.

  • Hydration testing on a select number of your staff to discover your team’s hydration baseline and status

  • Anonymous staff survey data to hear directly from your team on how they feel working in certain conditions

  • Systems stress test to evaluate your plans policies and procedures for heat stress management

  • Thermal imaging of workers to determine clothing permeability, insulation and body temperature regulation

  • Thermal imaging of radiant heat sources i.e. furnaces etc. (if applicable)

Heat Stress Analysis

Prices starting at $3,800

How the HSA will benefit you

Accurate Data to pin point the real problems

Detailed Baseline measurements for precise decision making

Gives you the data and information you need to approach the senior management team to develop an action plan

Information required for tailored designed airflow and ventilation systems

Our Partner Products

Mx3 Diagnostics

As part of our HeatFit program you will receive an MX3 Diagnostics Hydration testing system.

Thorzt Products

We also offer Thorzt electrolyte products to re-hydrate and beat the heat.

Our Impact

A HSA doesn’t just benefit you and your team – we believe everyone should have the opportunity to stay healthy and hydrated.

By completing a Heat Stress Analysis with us, our Unsustain This! team will donate 365 days of life saving drinking water to people in need – with all thanks to you.