HEATFIT is a 3 step heat stress management program


Designed to help Mining, Manufacturing and Construction companies build climate resilient teams that remain healthy, hydrated and thermally safe. Created by the team at Natural Cool Air as a way to help guide companies on using data collection to make better decisions around managing thermal safety, and to gain control over the personal and environmental impacts of heat stress data.

If you do not measure, you cannot manage

Knowing the data to make the right decision.

For most heavy industrial companies the threat of heat stress and dehydration is ever present. Without knowing exactly how well your currently dealing with the issue and without accurate data to pinpoint where improvements can be made, the daily cost and liability remains solely with the employer.

Curious to know how HEATFIT you are?

HEATFIT Methodology

After working with hundreds of factories and warehouses over the last 5 years and learning about how each of them are currently dealing with the heat, we have found that if they implemented these 3 key principles from our HEATFIT methodology they had a healthier, more hydrated, and safer team. We have a whole website dedicated to this which you can check out by clicking on the button below.


Design, integrate and report  the right policies, plans and procedures to better track your teams progress.



Educate your people on how to Prepare, Perform and Recover from their shift.


Forecast, Measure and Respond to High Risk Weather Conditions and knowing when to implement controls.


Our Impact

We believe in making an impact through the HEAFTFIT program and at every stage of the client journey we give back through these social and environmental initiatives that make a difference.

Hydrate 4 Change

By purchasing a Heat Stress Analysis (HSA) we will donate 365 days of clean drinking water to those in need.

This Is A Conversation Starter

For every purchase of a HeatFit Tracker pack we will donate 5% of the profit to ‘This is a Conversation Starter.’

Climate Positive Cooling

We have a company goal to remove 1M tonnes of carbon from our atmosphere by 2025. Through regenerating forests, reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption to ensure your system is climate positive.