Composites is where it all began for us. Picture Dean, with a freshly trimmed moustache, a full head of hair (thinning) and a plan to strike out on his own as a boat builder on the Sunshine Coast. It was an ambitious undertaking, but the man pulled it off! Putting together over 1000 hulls for a number of different local dealers and establishing himself as one of the go to experts in the marine industry. After the GFC hit the boating industry tanked and he was left with a choice. Pack up shop or change the way he did business.

Enter Natural Cool Air

After learning about the staggering over use of air-conditioning in this country (world) and concerned there was no real sustainable alternative to cooling, Beau and Dean (the father and son team) decided to partner up under the Natural Cool Air banner and try to help change the way we think about climate control.

With the belief that our climate is something that should be experienced and celebrated. That our urban spaces should harness the environment to support healthy, clean, sustainable living. As a family, growing up on the Sunshine Coast, we lived like this. We had the best of both a beach and a rural lifestyle on our 16-acre hobby farm just inland from Noosa. Such a biodiverse upbringing meant sustainability and a respect for our environment was in our blood. Eating our homegrown veggies, catching and storing our own water supply and living life on the land.

In summer, our house would stay open, letting natural breezes pass through to keep it cool and in winter the occasional fire to keep warm. Never needing air conditioning because our house was designed to handle the climate.

Both sustainable entrepreneurs, climate designers and heat stress management specialists we aim to redefine Natural Cool Air to tackle some of the biggest design challenges we have in our cities and suburbs today. Now more than just a fan company, we are purpose driven to keep people comfortable and healthy at home and in their workplaces. Using Natural elements to improve air quality, reduce the impact of the urban heat island effect, manage the threat of heat stress, and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels for energy.

The People Behind Natural Cool Air


Beau Frith


Leading the climate culture team, Beau’s consistent energy for bringing innovative ideas to the world is unmatched. A sustainable entrepreneur, climate designer and heat stress management consultant, he is Driven by his goal to help change the way people think about cooling. He believes that we can have the biggest impact in how we operate our businesses, live in our homes, and how we use energy through the use of sustainable climate control.

Devoting his career to helping people design for the climate, build resilient cities that protect our people, and reconnect our culture back to the natural environment. By continuing to develop new and innovative designs and push the boundaries in the air movement industry. With a background starting in composite manufacturing and logistics management right through to climate design and heat stress management, Beau is forever grateful for the opportunity to help serve his community in the quest for the sustainable development of our buildings.

Dean Frith (AKA Papa)


The man behind the Urban Composite Design Team and the production of Natural Cool Air products. Working out the nuts and bolts of any idea that gets thrown at him by his son, his expertise in turning concepts into a reality is remarkable. With a career spanning 35 + years in composite manufacturing, Dean has honed his skills building components for the motorhome and marine industries as well as a huge range of custom projects such as observatory domes, aviation components and air movement products.

He has spent the last 25 years building his business on the Sunshine Coast and has set his sights on bringing the vision of Natural Cool Air to the forefront of what he wants to achieve for the future. After purchasing the company in 2009 Dean saw real value in providing a clean, cool work environment for his staff, as well as helping other business owners achieve sustainable cooling in the industrial market. By redeveloping the core products to suit his field in composite design, it is now his vision to provide ecologically friendly solutions to cooling, and at all times strive for excellence in quality and efficiency.


Reece Woodland


Creativity is his life source. An experienced graphic designer, photographer, director and filmmaker, Reece loves to tell stories that matter. He is our go to man for anything visual, and boy does he deliver. From brochures, technical documents and web design, to video and photography, this guy knows how to pull branding together with seamless cohesion.

Reece has developed his skills over the last nine years, working alongside his wife Tahlee, making them a creative powerhouse. As part of the Natural Cool Air team his aim is to produce visually engaging content that will emotionally connect with you and spark inspiration to build a more sustainable future.