Unsustain This! Episode 3

Imagine a place where like minded individuals gather in service of a common goal: to grow, feed and educate. The Farm is just that. A breathtaking property in the Northern Rivers of NSW where you can experience how your food is grown and produced, and meet the incredible people who make it happen.

A concept that was born from the pure joy loving parents Tom and Emma Lane experienced watching their 3 year old daughter passionately devour the green beans she’d grown herself in their family vegetable patch. Tom and Emma know that understanding where your food comes from and how it is grown and produced enhances the pleasure of eating and promotes a healthier lifestyle. On a mission to share that message with the world, Tom and Emma purchased the 80 acre farm in 2013.

Today, The Farm is a thriving community of micro-businesses working together to create a socially and environmentally conscious economy around food. The community includes award winning Restaurant and Produce Store Three Blue Ducks, The Bread Social bakery and The Garden Shed nursery, among others. The Farm offer daily tours and run a variety of workshops for children and adults to gain the skills they need to live more harmoniously with the environment.

The Farm exists to inspire through experience. And that it does.

Enjoy an extra special third episode of Unsustain This